• DennyMike's Sauces & Seasonings

    As one of Pulp+Wire's longest standing relationships, DennyMike's has evolved over the past decade. We recently debuted a new look, with the same colorful pallete, that's getting rave reviews.

  • Anointment Natural Skin Care

    Based in Novia Scotia Canada Anointment makes once of the most amazing, all natural lines of skin care. We have been blessed with the opportunity to brand and package the products to look just as amazing as the formulas.

  • Snappy Carrot Dip, Dunk, Scoop, Spread

    With the use of textures, illustrations and bold fonts we created a fun and flavorful brand for office favorite enhancer, Snappy Carrot.

  • Introducing The Gilded Nut Snack Co.

    Click here to learn more about this re-branding, and packaging as well as other savory snacks just launched.

  • Anointment New Mom & Baby

    Based in Novia Scotia Canada Anointment makes once of the most amazing, all natural lines of skin care. We have been blessed with the opportunity to brand and package the products to look just as amazing as the formulas.

  • Branding Rogue Industries

    Rogue Industries: branding and packaging to further define the unique front pocket wallet and handcrafted leather goods made in Maine. Defining a brand slated for huge growth, while keeping the company roots in tact...

  • WiseOne Superfoods Packaging Re-defined

    While creating this unique box, we made sure the experience of opening a WiseOne chocolate is comparable to unearthing a rare gem.

Welcome to Pulp+Wire - Brand Alchemists 

Our clients bring us their passion. That’s the magic that powers our partnership for success.

We’re experts at helping them realize their visions in the stories we create to spark smiles and sales. Whether those tales are told through print, packaging or web pages, the communications we craft make each customer engagement an opportunity for the next. Those experiences transform mere consumption into the conscious purchasing practices that inspire true fulfillment. That enlightened approach to marketing is our mission. We call it Brand Alchemy, and we’d love to put its power to work for you.

Savory Foods that demand attention

Food packaging and branding, a main focus for us at P+W, is an amazing way to re-ignite the fire for your brand. Check out these recent launches.

Sweet mercy these are tasty

A look inside some of our sweeter packaging and branding over the past year. Including Sweet Margerites, Wise One Superfoods, Bixby & Co...

Take two & call us in the morning

Learn about how supplement companies Celi•Vites and wild food companies like SurThrival & Vimergy are blazing trails in the their lifestyle markets.

Beautiful Things

We hope you enjoy this showcase of amazing beauty products, soaps and balms we have packaged up and launched to market.

Live the Adventure

When outdoor industry brands need a refresh we excel at helping them find their energy and brand focus.

Brand Energy + Momentum

Sometimes a brand is fully engaged in their essence and only requires subtle shift to maintain their equity + constancy. Here's a few we love.

Innovation through creative intuition

We help companies find their identity, grow to market and expand their brand horizons. We create beautiful creative and packaging for lifestyle brands that resonates with your target audience, we help you align with your core, your passion and your brand vision. We guide your energy to create packaging and brands that are not only unique, but authentic to who you are as a company. Then collectively build our your brand assets and launch you to market.

Crafting brand energy

We believe the magic is in the details, details that are driven by good strategy and smart, compelling creative. We help our clients navigate the marketing waters of package design and branding with a grounded sense of know-how, humor, and a healthy dose of focused universal energy.

Contact us and lets help you find your Energy of Success™

We focus on businesses and brands of all sizes, in every stage, from start-up to established corporations.

At Pulp+Wire we think of ourselves as more then just a team, we are your brigade of highly-creative, brand strategists and visionaries united by the common love to creating victorious brands. What we can promise is that when we are done you will love your business (again) and have a whole new sense of energy around how you work and how your brand resonates who you are.

Here is look at how we approach each project.

Research + Strategy

No one scores in today’s competitive market without doing their homework. We take the time to get to know you, your company and your competition to build the brand that can communicate your passion to your customers. Our proven, collaborative process aligns your vision with our expertise to create a dynamic, holistic and sustainable strategic plan for your business’s long-term growth.

Branding + Packaging

With the territory scouted and our map in hand, we’ll be ready for some serious creative play. This dance between keen analysis and artistic intuition sparks the fire that fuels everything we do to bring your brand to life, including:

  • Logo Development
  • Brand evolution through consistent print and online media
  • Branding guides
  • Packaging
  • Dieline Creation
  • Container creation and sourcing
  • Web design & Programming
    (traditional, one-page, responsive, simple e-comm or full blown shopping experiences

Brand Communications

It takes more than a successful launch to keep your business in orbit. Our complete suite of Brand Communications include the collateral materials and digital and social strategies designed to keep your products visible and feed the buzz that builds your brand. This integrated set of custom-tailored tactics includes:

  • Collateral material (sales, retail, brochures and catalogs)
  • Trade show booth layout + design
  • Trade show consulting and event positioning
  • Environmental graphics
  • Experiential events
  • Social media strategy and maintenance
  • Targeting Search Engine Marketing

Public Relations + Distribution

Nothing keeps your brand connected like the right connections. Our extended network of distributors and on-shelf product marketers can position your products for deep market penetration. And P+W’s Public Relations team is plugged in as well, with access to the bevy of bloggers and reporters hungry to spread the word about your brand. You can access them all through:

  • Public relations
  • Social media PR
  • Social media maintenance
  • Sales Strategy and go-to-market planning
  • Distribution support
  • In-store marketing

Awards + Notables

Who We Are

We are your branding, creative strategy and package design workforce.

Founded in 2003 by  Taja Dockendorf, Pulp+Wire is best known for spearheading a creative energy shift that puts a spin on intuitive insight, creative imagination and packaging engagement. From their roots Pulp+Wire still believes in  having close, personal, client relationships that foster brand growth through honest communication. These talents have allowed her and her diverse team the ability to build the relationships and brands that have earned Pulp+Wire its award-winning reputation. Taja's ability to scale these talents to match particular client needs and build a solid creative strategy has granted Pulp+Wire both the broad perspective needed to manage multi-million dollar marketing accounts and the pinpoint vision that can focus a small client on the path to growth. Pulp+Wire has become a conduit for the pioneering power that has helped their clients become trailblazers in their own industries, and helped them align with their energy to creatively manifest brand success.

For Pulp+Wire it’s not just launching a new brand or re-imagining an established brand, that's just the start. For us, it’s all about cultivating relationships and want to be there throughout our client’s journey.

Taja Dockendorf

Owner + Creative Conduit

Taja’s intuitive insight, creative imagination and engaging style are the keys to her success. These talents have allowed her to build the relationships and brands that have earned Pulp+Wire its award-winning reputation for excellence. Her ability to scale these talents to match particular client needs has granted her both the broad perspective needed to manage mulit-million dollar marketing accounts and the pinpoint vision that can focus a small client on the path to growth. Drawing on her twin degrees in Industrial and Graphic design, New York and Boston-based business experience and the entrepreneurial spirit that fueled the growth of her agency, Taja has become a conduit for the pioneering power that has helped her clients become trailblazers in their own industries as well.

Sara Rosario

Art Director + Creative Strategist

Sara’s keen, creative eye has provided the artistic vision that’s helped shape the kind of compelling and cohesive campaigns that have earned P+W a host of print and packaging awards. With mouse and pen in hand, Sara comes well armed in expert use of the traditional and digital tools needed to paint the full spectrum of media required for any comprehensive campaign. Her innate aesthetic expertise and determination to exceed client expectations keeps her constantly searching for the ideal solution to any creative challenge. Once she’s locked onto that target, Sara won’t quit until the colors and forms she holds in her mind’s eye appear on the screen, page or package before her.

Katie Bernier

Designer + Brand Builder

Katie’s creative curiosity is a suite thing. She spends happy hours exploring the full range of Adobe Creative Suite programs to fashion the illustrations, graphics and designs that star in P+W campaigns. Her skill in crafting eye-catching artwork is matched by the precise technical talents that allow her to adopt her work to a host of web and mobile applications. As a former teacher with a master’s in education and a degree in Digital Arts and Design, Katie’s love of learning helps cultivate P+W’s warm and collaborative environment – a place where both Katie and her work shine.

Craig Sult

Web + Mobile Developer

Craig’s brain was born to build. While other kids were stacking Legos, Craig was building web pages. His passion for systems-based design led to a degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies with a minor in Management of Information Systems. But the technological talents that allow Craig to unlock the secrets of a complex coding convention or the intricacies of a website’s optimum architecture are tempered by his keen sensitivity to the human audience for his work. This twin perspective has allowed Craig to develop the kind of powerful and engaging websites that have made both site traffic and online sales soar.

Katie Bell

Studio Wrangler + Messaging Strategist

Katie’ visual/verbal skill-set grants has her double-duty vision. Her dual degrees in English and Media mean that no modifier dangles and no dieline strays from the twin focus of her sharp eyes. Her experience writing and designing for a host of local and international publications yields a global perspective on the brand stories and designs under her care. And her position as client liaison and internal workflow manager ensures a seamless path between project goals and the creative solutions that realize them. Katie’s sweet manner belies the strict standards she maintains for every assignment she shepherds towards completion.

Cecelia Packard

Designer + Production + Trend Spotter

Cecelia has an artistic appetite for history and research that is never quite appeased.That passion fueled her curation and design work for several seasons of exhibitions by her art school peers. She brought her extensive knowledge of design history, hand-lettering and studio production and packaging with her when she first walked in P+W’s front door. Since that day, she’s used those skills to maintain the strict artistic and technical standards of every mock-up and mechanical she monitors. And Cecilia does it all while staying abreast of the industry trends that keep P+W’s work poised on the cutting-edge of creative brands.

The Portland we call home:

Living on the edge does have its advantages. Our location in Portland, Maine puts us a bit off the beaten path, but in the heart of what sustains us: salt air, spectacular summers, and yes, plenty of snow. But a cold winter morning is just the thing to fire up the kind of crazy creatives who call our town home. Whether you pay us a virtual visit or knock on our door in the heart of our city’s Old Port, we look forward to sharing more of our story and—of course—hearing yours!

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