Who, Us?

We work with open minds in an open space.
We treat our clients like family.
We help grow cool brands to market.
We align heritage brands with modern audiences.
We love a good time.

The Magic.

We believe the magic is in the details—details driven by clear vision, sound strategies, and award-winning creative. We help our clients navigate their branding and marketing journeys with expert insight, a healthy dose of humor, and a focused flow of universal energy.

The Backstory.

Founded in 2004, Pulp+Wire is an award-winning, full service, consumer packaging, branding and marketing agency located in Portland, Maine. The company specializes in helping natural and organic foods and lifestyle brands discover their unique identity and creating the websites, packaging, creative collateral, and social media strategies that resonate with the booming audience for their products. As passionate “brand alchemists,” P+W revels in the magic science of creative exploration that can turn a brand into gold. This client-collaborative process leverages both intuitive and analytical power to communicate the authentic corporate ethos that beats at the heart of the most successful brands.

Taja Dockendorf

Owner + Creative Conduit

Taja’s intuitive insight, creative energy, and laid-back leadership style are the secret to her success. She shaped Pulp+Wire into a branding and packaging powerhouse with the vision, drive, and resourcefulness that’s unique to entrepreneurs. Her knowledge and passion have inspired a long string of branding, packaging, and creative campaigns that have ignited sales for scores of natural, organic, and lifestyle brands both locally and nationally. Taja has become a cheerleader, creative conduit and brand therapist for her clients–empowering them to blaze their own trails from the revitalized brand foundations she helps them to build.

Work + Life Balance
find Taja wake-surfing after work with her boat captain, and two kids

Naomi Davidowitz

Managing Director

With combined talents in internal operations , business and project development Naomi knows how to make a brand grow, keep client benchmarks, and strategic growth in check. Naomi brings with her not only NYC hustle, but extensive design agency, CPG brand management and televisions experience plus, a talent for managing cross-functional teams. But more, Naomi’s holistic approach to corporate and client management at Pulp+Wire is to foster long-term relationships, mixed with measured goals, add a dash of grounded humor – basically a recipe for awesome.

Work + Life Balance
Find Naomi running at dawn and enjoying good eats with her husband and daughter

Sara Rosario

Art Director + Creative Strategist

Sara proves that exceptional design is in the details. Her keen, creative eye has provided the guiding vision that’s earned Pulp+Wire a host of print and packaging awards, as well as numerous features on The Dieline. Whether on screen or on the shelf, Sara’s attention to detail, innovative insight, and artistic expertise keeps her clients’ products prepped and polished for sales. As P+W’s most senior employee, Sara’s extensive knowledge of design, unique sense of humor, and unflinching willingness to lend a hand (with projects, or to finish off the other half of your cupcake), make her a super sweet, well-loved member of the team.

Work + Life Balance
find Sara on the softball field or in the yoga studio

Bryan Wiggins

Brand Strategist + Copywriter

As resident word-nerd and narrative nut, Bryan’s happiest plotting the arc between client and customer passions or setting the scene for a back-of-box pitch. His former illustration career adds a rich visual vocabulary for him to draw upon when sketching or scribbling through his moleskin for fresh ideas. Bryan’s constant search between text and image for an ideal concept serves him well as the co-author of the brand books he shapes with the team to crystalize a client’s identity. Whether building a brief deep enough to outline an entire corporate ethos or condensing tagline copy to crow in three or four words, if there’s a tale to tell well, Bryan usually finds a novel way to do it.

Work + Life Balance
find Bryan in the mountains, or writing about them

Katie Bell

Operations Manager + Messaging Strategist

Katie has an eye for detail. As Pulp+Wire’s resident Virgo, she ensures that no modifier is left dangling or dieline goes unchecked. With an extensive background in journalism, layout design, and brand messaging, her dual degrees in English and media have served her well in a dynamic agency atmosphere. Deadline-driven and thorough, Katie’s no stranger to putting in the hours to make sure the job is done on time, on budget, and that it exceeds the client’s expectations. She has written and designed for publications here in Maine, throughout New England, and beyond. Her patient and thoughtful temperament and witty sense of humor leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike.

Work + Life Balance
Find Katie checking out local music

Charlotte Redmann

Social Brand Manager

Charlotte’s CPG brand knowledge spans a wide spectrum from managing mass-market social brands on the liquor side, to start-up foods brands. She brings social brands to life through thoughtful, ROI driven strategies, and makes sure her clients stay innovative in the constantly changing social world. Her infectious charm, mixed with brand expertise, and thoughtful brand scalability is why brands love having her manage their growth.

Work + Life Balance
Find Charlotte enjoying the simple things in life her family, running trails, or serving-up the perfect British accent (she was born in the UK).  

Rachel Adams

Production + Graphic Designer

Rachel can turn out an FDA compliant package and perfected dieline like no one else. Her eye for detail and creative swiftness comes from years of big-brand CPG experience in the food world. When Rachel isn’t designing the next big brand or fine-tuning a packaging dieline, you can find her helping the team with all things production.

Work + Life Balance
find Rachel hanging with her kids, and exploring all Maine has to offer. 

Craig Sult

Web + Mobile Developer

Craig’s brain was born to build. While other kids were stacking Legos, Craig was building web pages. His passion for systems-based design led to a degree in leadership and organizational studies with a minor in management of information systems. But the technological talents that allow Craig to unlock the secrets of a complex coding convention or the intricacies of a website’s optimum architecture are tempered with his keen sensitivity to human audiences. This twin perspective has allowed him to develop powerful and engaging websites that have made both site traffic and online sales soar.

Work + Life Balance
Find Craig screaming at his screen during a Browns’ game

Jill Lynch

Social Media Content Creator

From hand rendered type to a beautifully organized recipe post Jill has a knack for focusing on the pretty details that make social media posts interesting. With a background in graphic design and typography and an eye for both strategic positioning and unique graphic details Jill stays connected to the steady pulse of what is on trend  and how best to get users to take notice. From Instagram to Pinterest, Jill knows the platforms to position brands for the engagement ROI that all clients seek.

Work + Life Balance
find Jill taking long walks on the beach and tending to her cactus babies

Gabrielle Alfiero

Account Manager

Deadline-oriented and super adaptable, Gabrielle’s background in both experiential marketing and journalism informs her approach to brand building. Comfortable with fast-paced, multifaceted projects, Gabrielle’s compassion, precision, and positivity inform her client relationships. Coupling the agility and poise needed for in-depth brand strategy and execution with a reporter’s inquisitiveness, her attention to detail and innate curiosity help growing brands achieve their visions.

Work + Life Balance
Find Gabrielle coloring with her daughter and perfecting her milk-to-coffee ratio

Elizabeth Wilson

Account Manager

Liz’s ability to shift between meeting specific client needs and their long-range corporate goals grants her the vision to manage complex social strategies and strategic marketing plans. With a focus forged from her NYC experience managing mass-market CPG accounts, Liz thrives at the multitasking pace demanded by the quickest-growing brands. Her extensive work with alcohol, food, and skincare clients affords Liz with an exceptional insight into these industries’ specific needs. Her passion for nurturing new learning and relationships grants Liz the mind and heart that make her work a joy.

Work + Life Balance
Find Liz exploring the outdoors with her K9 companion, Taco Tuesday, and enjoying local eats with her human companion.

Tanner Leslie

Junior Designer (Summers)

Living a double life, as a student completing his bachelors of fine arts at James Madison University, and as a junior designer at Pulp+Wire, Tanner is an avid lover of design and photography, born and raised in Portland, Maine. In addition to being a total design nerd, he also loves screenprinting, film photography, and occasionally oil painting. He takes pride in a humble eagerness to learn and keen attention to detail. With backgrounds in traditional art, photography, theatre, and filmmaking, Tanner brings a unique Generation Z (apparently) approach to the office. And beware, the sass can surprise you at any moment.

Work + Life Balance.
When not in the office, or at school find him obnoxiously critiquing craft beer labels, hiking the coast, or building endless Spotify playlists.

Kanya Zillmer

Brand + Web Designer

Kanya’s creative instincts took root early. The images and ideas she’s collected and created since childhood have blossomed into a rich range of creative prowess. After going to school for programming her ability to jump from graphic to web design, to programming is stellar. This said, she also shines with her illustrative style, brand building, packaging, photography, and screen-printing passion. You will find that Kanya’s boundless energy is balanced by her careful attention to detail and deadlines. That focused and unflappable attitude and warm demeanor make her a valued creative partner to every brand she builds.

Work + Life Balance
Find Kanya upta’ camp exploring Midcoast Maine with her family


Digital Ad Manager

Rachel is fluent in all things digital. She is always connected to the constantly changing world of digital marketing and social media searching for innovative ways to breathe new life into a brand’s online presence. Rachel can build the digital brand stories that both captivate and engage across all media platforms. Her main focus at Pulp+Wire is on the client, their digital engagement and commerce goals, and strategizing ways to channel that energy through all media spends. She will provide oversight, activation and leadership on a variety of digitally-based projects including digital ad creation, monitoring and activation, social management, spend management, banner advertising, email marketing campaigns, influencer activations, cross-promotions, website SEO & SEM, reporting and more.

Work + Life Balance
Find Rachel relaxing and enjoying the ocean in Cape Elizabeth, while also managing her dog Apollo’s growing Instagram fame.